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All About OCT Spectralis in Gainsville, FL

At Super Optical Express, we pride ourselves on providing the best service for our patients every time. Part of ensuring that we can provide you with that superior service is our use of cutting-edge technologies to help our staff diagnose and treat specific types of eye disease. OCT Spectralis is one of those tools. This piece of equipment allows us to quickly scan your eye using the combined advantages of scanning lasers and OCT.

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What is OCT?

OCT stands for Optimal Coherence Tomography. Simply put, this is a non-invasive imaging technique that can help our staff get a close and accurate picture of your eye and a number of associated measurements. In addition, OCT can obtain images of the different layers of vascular tissue, including the superficial vascular complex, deep vascular complex, and the radial peripapillary capillaries. This information can be critical to identify issues with your eye when they have just started to exhibit symptoms.

In addition, OCT can detect and measure small variation in the measurements of your eye, so any progression of a condition can also be precisely measured. Understanding the development of your eye and how it is responding to treatment can allow Super Optical Express’ staff to evaluate your current treatment plan and make adjustments that are in your best interest.

Advantages of OCT Spectralis Imaging

In addition to being able to detect changes at earlier stages and better track the effectiveness of your treatment, OCT Spectralis offers additional benefits for our patients.

  • Non-Invasive – There are a variety of different techniques that have been used to help detect changes in the different tissues within your eyes. OCT Spectralis offers an inside look to the eye to help our staff understand any possible issues without having to perform an invasive procedure.

  • Less Time – OCT Spectralis is a very user-friendly tool that allows our staff to conduct and interpret the results of your scan quickly. This means you can be in and out of our office in less time.

  • Simplicity – The OCT Spectralis is a piece of technology that is easy to use. When the test is not invasive and does not cause our patients discomfort, they are more ready to get imaging done as a regular part of their routine. This increase in imaging frequency can be critical to help identify and track changes in your eye over time.

  • Three-Dimensional Imaging – Combing OCT and scanning lasers offer our staff some of the most detailed imaging available. In addition, the images are also three dimensional. This means that we can look at every aspect of your eye to ensure that we understand exactly what is happening in your eye.

  • Multiple Imaging Types – This equipment allows us to view your eye in a variety of different ways. There is a dye-based imaging approach, infrared, Multicolor, and Blue Peak images.


At Super Optical Express, we believe that your vision is simply too important to risk. That is why we ensure that we do everything we can to help you maintain or improve your vision. OCT Spectralis allows our staff to help diagnose a variety of different issues associated with the eye. This works because the technology allows us to image all of the different parts of the eye and track them over time. This means that when you make imaging a regular part of your treatment, we may be able to identify issues before you ever experience a symptom. Early detection can be critical in helping to reverse or slow the progression of many eye conditions.

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