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Contact Lens Consultations in Gainesville, FL

contact lens fitting

​​​​​​​Your regular eye exam will assess the health and condition of your eyes, as well as determining how well you can see. If you are found to have vision problems that can be corrected by prescription lenses and you are interested in choosing contacts over glasses, you will be offered a contact lens consultation. This will be carried out in addition to your regular eye exam.

The reason that contact lens consultations are carried out in addition to regular eye exams is that the assessments included are not applicable to patients who would prefer to wear glasses. It is also necessary for us to determine if you are a successful candidate for contact lenses. This is because, while many people can take advantage of the benefits of contact lenses, they aren’t necessarily suitable for every patient. This may possibly include:

  • People with very irregular corneal shapes

  • People who require an extremely strong contact lens prescription

  • People who suffer from dry eye syndrome

Your suitability for contact lenses will be assessed at your contact lens consultation.

What will happen during my contact lens consultation?

During your contact lens consultation, you can expect to undergo a number of different tests and assessments which are carried out with the purpose of enabling us to find exactly the right type and fit of contact lenses for you. These include:

Tear film analysis

This test is important for determining if you are a suitable candidate for contact lenses. This is because patients must have adequate lubrication in the form of tear film in their eyes for contact lenses to fit properly and comfortably. Natural lubrication is created by glands leading to the eyes that produce a liquid that is a complex combination of water, proteins and oils. Some patients have a condition known as dry eye syndrome which is characterized by either not producing enough tear film, or by their tear film draining away too quickly.

Tear film analysis is usually done by placing a special strip of paper on the lower eyelid and monitoring how much of it is moistened. If you are found to have dry eye syndrome, you may be able to have special contact lenses, or you may have to consider an alternative treatment.

Analyzing the curve of your cornea

Your cornea is the natural lens of the eye and what light refracts off of to facilitate vision. Patients who need prescription eyewear have problems in the way that light is refracted caused by slight to severe abnormalities in the shape of their cornea. We will use a keratometer to measure the curve of your eye so that we can determine what base curve and diameter of contact lens you will need. If there are significant abnormalities relating to the surface of the eye, we may also use a piece of equipment called a corneal topographer to create a digital map of the surface of your eyes.

Measuring the size of your pupil and iris

This is a simple and straightforward test usually performed using a handheld ruler or piece of card. It is necessary so that we can make sure that your contact lenses will fit properly and evenly over the surface of your eyes. Once we have determined whether you are suitable for contact lenses and which lenses are right for you, we will be able to order your custom lenses. When these have arrived, you will be able to return to us for a fitting where our experienced eye doctors will ensure that they are comfortable and effective.

If you would like to schedule your contact lens consultation, please call our offices in Gainesville, FL where our experienced eye care experts will be happy to help you.