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Published on September 30, 2020 by Super Optical Express

If you wear glasses, chances are that you will have already experienced the frustration and inconvenience of fogging. Fogging happens when the warm breath that we exhale escapes out of the top of the mask and comes in contact with the cooler surface of the lens. This contact causes condensation, which in turns causes your lenses to become foggy.


Wearing a mask is extremely important at the present time, and you shouldn’t stop just because your glasses, goggles or safety eyewear is fogged. So, how can we overcome the problem? Since we aren’t supposed to touch our masks once they are in place, and we know that we need to be fastidious with hand hygiene before touching our eyes or face, the safest thing is to not have to adjust either your mask or glasses at all. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can wear a mask and still see clearly. Here are our top tips for keeping your eyeglasses from fogging when wearing a mask.

Make sure that your mask fits properly

Masks are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, but it is the way that your mask fits that is most important when it comes to stopping the lenses from fogging up. Your mask must adhere to the curves of the top part of your face as closely as possible. Therefore, choosing a style with an adjustable nose bridge may prove most effective since you can mold it to the shape of your face, preventing warm air from exiting upwards and forming condensation on your lenses.

Position your glasses carefully

Did you know that you can use your glasses to help seal off any open areas at the top of your face mask? By positioning your glasses on top of the material, you can create a more secure fit that will prevent condensation from forming. You can also push your glasses further forward on your nose, which will provide more space for air to circulate and reduce the risk of fogging.

Wash your lenses in soap and water

It sounds impossible, but this popular hack has been used by people who wear masks and glasses for years. Wash your lenses with warm, soapy water and allow them to air dry. The soap leaves behind a very thin film which makes it difficult for them to fog up. Just make sure with your eyeglasses provider that you don’t have any special coatings on your lenses that could be damaged by doing this.

Tape your mask down

If you don’t have sensitive skin and you aren’t worried about how your mask looks, you can even consider securing it in place using surgical tape. Run this along the top of your mask, including over your nose, to seal any gaps and prevent any warm air from escaping upwards.


If you would like more advice about wearing glasses and a face covering, our dedicated team at Super Optical Express would be delighted to help. Please contact our office by calling (352) 702-9700 for any questions or to schedule an appointment.


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