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Published on December 31, 2020 by Super Optical Express

Digital eyestrain is a condition that develops when your eyes get tired from the intense use of digital devices like computers and smartphones. The majority of Americans, even children, uses a digital device for more than two hours each day. With daily digital exposure, many are bound to experience digital eyestrain.


Causes of Digital Eyestrain

  • Viewing your digital device in a poor posture.

  • Holding your device too close or too far to the eyes.

  • Failing to blink often.

  • Using a screen without proper light adjustments.

  • Exposure to blue light for extended periods. Blue light is the light that emanates from digital devices.


Eyestrain Symptoms

You will know your eyes are straining by the following symptoms:

  • Headache.

  • Increased light sensitivity.

  • Dry or watery eyes.

  • Double or blurred vision.

  • Itching sore eyes.

  • Sore shoulders, neck, and back.

  • Concentration difficulties.

  • Tired eyes and finding it challenging to keep your eyes open.




It should be easy to relieve eyestrain with some home-based self-care techniques. Eyestrain treatment is about making changes to your use of devices and your environment. Here are some home and lifestyle remedies you should take:


Limit your screen time. Children need help with limiting their screen time. They may not make the connection between the strain in their eyes and extended viewing. Resting the eyes offers relief from the digital blue light.


Take regular breaks. Take occasional breaks when working on something on your computer or playing games. Look away from the screen for a minute or so. You could also shut your eyes for a bit. Resting takes away undue pressure.


Get some eyewear. Consider getting eyewear specifically designed for when you’re working on a computer. If you already use contacts or glasses, ask the optometrist about having them coated and tinted to keep off the digital light.


Get some artificial tears. Over-the-counter artificial tears are available to relieve and prevent eye dryness. Apply a few drops whenever your eyes start drying and itching.


Improve the quality of the air in your working space. If the air around you is dry and hot, your eyes will dry out and strain. So, invest in a humidifier to keep the air moist. Adjust your thermostat to ensure that air is not blowing too much. You could also move your desk and chair to a different house area to keep away from moving dry air. If you smoke, consider dropping the habit because the smoke increases the irritants in your environment.


Adjust your lighting. Whenever you use a digital screen, ensure that its light setting is comfortable for your eyes. Don’t use bright light fixtures in your space, either. Your rooms should be softly lit.


Changing your habits and adjusting your environment should relieve you of digital eyestrain. However, if the discomfort persists, your vision changes, or you have a nagging headache, make an appointment with an eye doctor in Gainesville, FL . Call Super Optical Express for an eye exam and treatment at (352) 702-9700.


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