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Published on March 02, 2022 by Super Optical Express

For most people, eyestrain is a consequence of intensely focusing on an object or activity for prolonged periods. Overworking the eyes can increase the chances of developing ocular fatigue. Staring at a computer screen for a long period, driving a long distance, doing detailed work, or reading fine print causes fatigue. 


Eye fatigue occurs due to failure to blink as often as required. It can cause dry eyes and lead to symptoms of eyestrain. 



Symptoms of Eyestrain



Symptoms of eyestrain include tired eyes and a burning, sore, or itchy sensation. Other symptoms are overly dry eyes, watery eyes, difficulty focusing, increased light sensitivity, and double or blurred vision. Many people experience eye discomfort and headaches. 



Causes of Eyestrain



Eyestrain can result from different actions or activities. Using digital screens for a prolonged period, reading for long without resting the eyes, and driving for long can cause eyestrain. Performing activities that involve extended focus and exposure to glare or bright light can cause eyestrain. 


Straining to see in areas with dim lighting and fatigue or being stressed causes eyestrain. Exposure to dry, moving air, such as from a fan or HVAC system, can cause eyestrain. Having underlying eye conditions such as uncorrected vision or dry eye can also cause strain.



Does Eyestrain Cause Permanent Damage?



Fortunately, eyestrain does not cause permanent damage to vision. It may feel unpleasant and uncomfortable, but it is not a serious condition. Eyestrain is a symptom of overworked eyes. 

There are ways to alleviate the strain by reducing the triggers. Taking regular breaks and focusing on distant objects when using a computer can help reduce strain. Using the right amount of lighting will help prevent straining. 



When to Seek Medical Attention



Eye testing will help rule out conditions that may be causing the symptoms. Eyestrain causes loss of balance. If you experience this sensation, visit the doctor immediately. 

Other warning signs to look out for include blood vessel leakage. In some cases, heavily overworked eyes experience subconjunctival hemorrhage or blood vessel bursting. This usually affects the white part of the eye but will not leak into the iris.   



Refractive Errors and Eyestrain



Refractive errors, or the need to wear corrective lenses, often produce symptoms of eyestrain. When the eyes fail to work together correctly or in a binocular fashion, it can lead to eyestrain. It is vital to get proper vision correction for myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism to avoid straining the eyes. Updating your lens prescription will help prevent eye-straining. 


If you have symptoms of eyestrain, an examination can help determine the cause and rule out underlying eye conditions. An eye doctor can help determine if you need glasses to make your eyes comfortable. Eyestrain may not cause permanent damage, but it can be very uncomfortable. 


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