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Glaucoma is known as a collection of conditions resulting from the improper drainage of fluids in your eye. It has also been reported to be a challenge to diagnose since its symptoms develop gradually over several years and most patients usually only go to their eye doctor only when significant damage has already been done and their vision has started to diminish. Several factors, such as ethnicity, age, genetics, and underlying conditions increase your risk of developing glaucoma and knowing more about the disease increases the likelihood of catching this eye condition early. Here are the main causes of this well-known, eye-deteriorating disease.


Raised Eye Pressure

When your eye pressure rises, experts say that it may be caused by fluid buildup inside your eye. Also known as aqueous humor, this fluid usually flows out through the trabecular network at the point where the cornea and the iris meet. If there is inefficient drainage or an overproduction of fluid, the fluid won't drain properly. This event results in elevated intraocular pressure (IOP).

If your IOP is high, you become a potential glaucoma patient. Unfortunately, studies report that the damage from your elevated eye pressure is irreversible. Your peripheral vision deteriorates first which is usually followed by gradual vision changes that remain unnoticeable until significant loss of vision already happens.


Optic Nerve Damage

Studies suggest that glaucoma arises when there is significant damage to your optic nerve. The deterioration happens gradually and as it does, you begin to see spots. You may experience mild to extreme pain because of the optic nerve damage and the discomfort can come at any time, while your eyes rest or move. When you develop severe optic nerve damage, you lose your visual perception which means that your eyes can no longer recognize your surroundings. You can also experience the absence of color vision when there’s damage to your optic nerve.

Other symptoms of optic nerve damage are distorted vision, reduction in the field of sight, eye inflammation, and weakness of the extremities.



Studies show that glaucoma is likely to occur in the bloodline. Scientists have even discovered the genes associated with optic nerve damage and elevated eye pressure. Based on their findings, people, whose first-degree relatives have glaucoma, have a high risk of developing the condition.

For eye experts, the genetic study of glaucoma has brought a lot of advantages in better knowing this eye disease:

  • -Certain types of early-onset glaucoma now have available genetic counseling and testing for soon-to-be parents.

  • -Comprehending these genetic mutations may lead to individualized glaucoma treatments and risk assessments.


Other Causes

Glaucoma can also result from:

  • -High blood pressure

  • -Dilating eye drops

  • -Insufficient blood flow to your optic nerve

  • -Corticosteroids and other medications

  • -Blocked fluid outflow in your eye

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that can surface because of many factors. These given causes can help your eye doctor catch it in its early stages. At Super Optical Express, we make sure that you receive only quality eye care. You can visit our clinic in Gainesville, Florida, for a walk-in consultation or if you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 352-702-9700 today.


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