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Published on May 10, 2022 by Super Optical Express

The eyes are a sensitive and integral part of your body. They help you see and move about your daily activities with ease. Some people tend to have eye problems and brush it off as a simple thing that does not need medical help. But when the eyes become hurt, it may be an emergency case that needs urgent medical help.

Since the eyes are essential, it is crucial to know when to determine the severity of the situation when they get hurt. Your promptness determines if you will retain your vision or experience permanent vision impairment.

Here are the problems considered eye emergencies.


Retinal Detachment

The retina is an essential part of the eye. It contains the photoreceptor cells that send impulses through your optic nerve and to the brain as images. Without the retina, it is impossible to see. Anything that causes harm to your retina is a threat to your vision.

Retinal detachment occurs when the retina pulls away from its appropriate position. The split separates its cells from the blood vessel layers that nourish it and give it oxygen. If the problem goes untreated, you risk losing your vision permanently in the affected eye.

Warning signs of retinal detachment include reduced vision and the sudden appearance of floaters. It is ideal to see your eye doctor immediately if you experience this so you can save your sight.


Foreign Objects in the Eye

You can lose your vision or get eye damage if something becomes stuck in your eye. Foreign objects such as dust or sand can cause eye irritation. Follow these steps if something small enters your eye:

- Blink to try to clear it off your eyes, and avoid rubbing your eyes.

- Ensure your hands are clean before touching the eye. Look into it to see if you can locate the foreign object. You may need help from someone.

- Try rinsing out the foreign object using artificial teardrops.

- You can also try flashing out the object using cool water.

- Contact your doctor if you do not manage to remove the object.

If you have large objects stuck in your eyes, such as metal or glass, leave them as it is. Avoid touching it or putting pressure on it. Treat it as a medical emergency and rush to your eye doctor at Super Optical Express for help.


Eyelid Lacerations


The eyelid is a thin structure that comprises many layers. Lacerations vary from those involving skin to those that affect the functioning of the eyelid. You may need surgery for the cut.


Traumatic Iritis

Inflammation of your iris caused by trauma leads to traumatic iritis. You can get it if you experience a blunt force injury to your eye or through other injuries. You will experience eye pain, blurry vision, and severe eye redness. The inflammation can lead to a permanent eye injury, reduced vision, or glaucoma.


Chemicals in the Eye

You can get a chemical burn from industrial chemicals, cleaning products, or garden chemicals. Fumes and aerosols can also cause burns on your eyes. If you get acid into your eyes, treat it promptly for a good prognosis. On the other hand, alkaline products such as lime, sodium hydroxide, or drain cleaners can damage your cornea permanently.

If you get chemicals in your eye, wash your hands first to remove any residues. Face the injured eye to the side or down by turning your head. Use cool tap water to flush out the chemicals for 15 minutes. After doing so, rush to the emergency room for further help.

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